Is Burning Man worth it! No, it's not!

How important is your job to you or applying for future job opportunities?

You may have never been stopped before by a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) police before but times have changed? Times have changed for the worse now you can be stopped if you do not use your turn signal, if you sit outside the window to wave at someone, if you drive over 5 miles an hour, if you have anything wrong with your vehicle like your plates not showing. The new thing in 2015 is that you are pulled over for ANY EXCUSE and then searched by a K9 Unit, this includes everyone in your vehicle! If you are driving on your bike and you seem intoxicated you can also be pulled over and if you do anything sexual in public; even if it can be seen from the street.

Holly shit the B.L.M and Pershing County are literately destroying people's life's in an instant; don't be one of them! Sorry but things have really changed in 2015 at Burning Man, there's a new sheriff in Pershing County Nevada who's destroying lives.

I speak from experience; here's my story I was pulled over a brake light that was out from for my pop up trailer, and was pulled over by a B.L.M. police officer. I thought I was going to be let go and be given a warning but instead I received a $160.00 ticket for the brake light; what happened next is horrible; what happened next was bad enough to possibly lose my job and have a huge negative impact on most people's life's.

Next about 20 minutes later the BLM officer who was writing me a ticket for one brake light out, went back to his vehicle and called a Pershing County Police officer K9 Unit. The Pershing County officer arrived with a K9 unit. The officer stepped out with his dog and he said to me "I'm going to have my dog search your vehicle" and I said immediately I did not consent to searching my vehicle. The officer said it did not matter that I did not consent and said, "if my dog gives me a signal I am going to search your vehicle" The dog ran around my vehicle 3 times and made no real indication of anything, next the officer tapped on my door as to signal the dog to jump up on the door, next the office opened the door and let his dog into the vehicle onto the seat and the dog ran around in circles on the seat doing nothing. The dog was pulled out of the vehicle and the officer went through all my belongings in my car. He opened up my travel case and found my pill case which had Molly.

I was written a misdemeanor ticket for $1,200 and now there is a possibilty I could lose my job since I can not have a misdemeanor on my record when trying to obtain a security clearance, which is needed for work.
SO YOU TELL ME, IS BURNING MAN WORTH IT, is it worth your job?
I don't think so!
Imagine if you had someone else in your car and how they would be affected if they were arrested as well.

Burning Man in 2015 has become a CASH COW for the BLM and Pershing county.
The police officers DO NOT care about people or how their lives might be affected; instead they are collecting as many tickets and fines as they can. If you know how to obtain the latest arrests statistics regarding Burning Man from Pershing County, please contact me.

Okay so you might be saying, you don't do drugs well it's not just drugs it's anything they can bust someone over. Did you wear your seat bealt? You can get stopped for that and what about Alcohol, do you drink? Or have you gone pee on the Playa before or done anything sexual; well in 2015 many people were being arrested for drinking and driving on their bicycle or for peeing on the Playa, their lives are destroyed because they will have to come back to the default world now and register as a sex offender. Try finding a job now as sex offender on your record! Still think it's worth it?

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